Wulf Next Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Wulf Next Vaporizer

P O R T A B L E   P E R F O R M A N C E .

Introducing the Wulf Next Vaporizer, the next big thing in dry herb vaporizers, delivering elevated sessions with matching performance. Perfect for any kind of vaper, this device employs prominent features for superior performance. This includes haptic feedback, 30 second heat-up time, 5 temperature settings, and rapid USB charging. These features all come together to provide an excellent and enhanced overall experience.

Flavor in the palm of your hand, don't miss out on the innovative and portable Wulf Next Vaporizer.

Box Contents: 1 x Wulf Next Vaporizer / 2 x Screens / 1 x Cleaning Brush / 1 x Cleaning Tool / 1 x USB Cable

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