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Extract Labs’ CBD Crumble is concentrated CBD meant for dabbing or smoking. Made from full spectrum distillate infused with plant-derived terpenes, their Crumble is a great way to augment your current smoking ritual. They offer a wide array of terpene profiles from indica to sativa, and everywhere in between. Distillate used to produce Crumble is CO2-extracted in our Boulder, Colorado headquarters. Crumble is sold in 1g (0.03oz) increments.

  • 800mg CBD / 200mg minor cannabinoids
  • Terpene infused / C02-extracted
  • Full spectrum
  • American hemp
  • Lab-tested


Dabbing CBD offers another way to experience the effects of CBD. Unlike tinctures, CBD dabs deliver the full dose to your bloodstream immediately, so you can better assess the effects it has on your overall system. CBD Crumble is mostly chosen by those who smoke or dab already. Products such as our tinctures and softgels are typically best for beginners. The crumble gives those who prefer to smoke cannabis products an easy way to work CBD into their current daily routine. For those already using other cannabis products, Extract Labs' CBD crumble is an easy way to balance out their current smoking routine and supplement THC heavy products with CBD.


Ingredients: CO2-Extracted Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, Plant-derived Terpenes

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